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We did it!

07 May 2019 | 2 Minute Read

The theme: Your life is currency

The idea: Tetris like game but the opposite. Tiles come from the bottom of the screen and float up. You want to create a seal so the magma doesn’t erupt out of the volcano so you need to fill a certain portion (maybe more each level?) of the gamescreen before the magma rises to that level. Make it co-op by having you both put tiles in alternating so you have to work together but it gives you a bit of time to think of your next move - unless your partner takes that spot!

The game: Oblation

The challenge: Two kids under 3 years old.

We did it! We finished our first game jam together. We made a game. Granted, the game is missing some things. Quite a few in fact. But, it has a clear start and end. It has a menu system. It has some great art thanks to @rocktavious. It is a game.

The process also taught us quite a bit.

  1. We learned that we have very different strategies for starting out development. We learned this after talking about why we got into a fight. Working with your spouse can be good and bad…
  2. I learned I need to up my coding game. Once I get going I’m fine but it takes me a little while to get on a roll.
  3. Having kids in the house makes development slow. I already knew this, but I guess I’m in a bit of denial about it still. So let’s reiterate. Having kids in the house makes development slow.
  4. We need to make more games. Even small games with no intention of publishing them. The experience will make us better.

So @rocktavious and I sat down and hashed out a plan. We’re going to spend the next week brainstorming ideas. We posted on reddit to try to gather some ideas as well. At the end of the week we’re going to pick an idea and start some planning. We set a goal to develop our next game over the next 5 months. Essentially until the next Ludum Dare. We’ll stregthen our skills: coding, art, music, project management, and anything else we find needs work. But at the end of those 5 months, we’ll put that game down, maybe drop the kids off with the grandparents, and dive in to game jam #2. Then it will be time to reevaluate where we are, what we’re doing and where we should head.

I’m looking forward to the adventure ahead of us.