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Operation Summer Is Over

27 September 2019 | 1 Minute Read

Sorry we’ve been silent for so long. The summer time is a big vacation/travel time for our family. Pair that with a strategy switch in how we are going about the development of “operation cartwheel” and it has thrown a big wrench into our initial plans.

@Emmyoop has decided she wants to look more into music and art development and I’ve taken over writing the core coding systems. This change paired with all the travel and taking care of the kids (inbetween my day job @ Under Armour) has been a huge drain on available time.

I’ve also been doing some contract work for a tool we will eventually use to get some sweet, sweet data analytics from our games - Mixpanel - I’ll be doing a future blog post on my foray into revamping their SDK.

All this is to say, we havn’t spent as much time on the game as we’d have liked. BUT! We have been progressing slowly and surely. We unfortunately do not have anything worth while to show for it as it’s mainly just getting code systems in place and learning how to do everything.

I am excited for the upcoming Ludum Dare 45 - we generally try to participate in it each time as it gives us a huge boost of confidence and creativity.

Hopefully in the comming months (around the end of the year) we’ll have some more to show for ourselves and the time we’ve invested in this project so far!